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Imposta Open Mic Opening Night – Review

Your community should feel like home. Over the last ten years, there has been a club based in the town of Accrington which strives to make this feeling a reality. Its name is the Panjenix Acoustic Club. What exactly is the Panjenix Acoustic Club? One might ask. If you've ever been to a live music performance or a spoken word night from locations such as the Forts Arms in Clayton-Le-Moors or The Crafty Fox in Accrington, chances are you've heard of them. Ran by Mark Fox, the Panjenix Acoustic Club has seen itself grow into one of the leading music events in the town of Accrington. Open mic nights, poetry/spoken word evenings and live performances are just some of the events that PAC offers. All are welcome, from musicians to those simply wanting to sit and watch. This past Wednesday, a new chapter for the Panjenix Acoustic Club began.

Imposta hosted its first Open Mic night. I've been to many of these events, but this one felt special. From start to finish, it never felt like a simple gig, not to me anyway. I felt like I was visiting extended family and having a jam together. We were all there to support one another, musicians giving their love and support and the crowd singing along to songs, cheering them on from beginning to end. It was a joy to view, a place that felt like home. Why not spend your next Wednesday evening in Imposta and see for yourself?

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